Block A- Casting of Roof beam


Block B – Forming of the second-floor slab


Block C- Forming of the Roof slab Cantilever


Block D- Casting of lintel and column



Block A.

  • Casting of Roof beam.
  • Setting the parapet block.

Block B.

  • Casting of second floor slab.
  • Forming of the second floor slab.

Block C.

  • Forming of the Roof slab Cantilever.
  • Iron work ongoing.
  • Plastering of the internal partition ongoing.
  • Plastering of external partitioning ongoing.

Block D.

  • Nailing of lintel and column.
  • Casting of lintel and column.
  • Taking the blockwork to slab level.


CONCLUSION: Work is in progress using the best quality in every item of work and making sure that the project will be completed in stipulated time.



                                                                        THANK YOU.